Bobby Valentino

The Actor & Model

Bobby does work occasionally as an actor and model, appearing in films, TV adverts and plays.

In one film and many commercials he has taken the part of Clark Gable. This came about after a shaving mistake: in the early days of the Fab Poos he had a full moustache and one day trimmed it a little too much. He recalls – “I liked the look of the skinny, spiv-like moustache, a mousedirt on my top lip. And it fitted the style of the band. I didn’t notice the resemblance to Clark Gable, and still don’t quite see it, but everybody else thought it looked great”

Theatre Shows (all musicals):

1983 “Destry Rides Again” at the Donmar Warehouse in London’s West End. Starring: Alfred Molina and Jill Gasgoine.

BV made his West End debut playing a character called the “Dude” in a musical version of “Destry Rides Again” - the 1939 film with songs but, alas, not “See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have”. In the show the “Dude” was a card sharp, cool hired gun (one of the baddies) and the violinist for Frenchie’s saloon band in the town of Bottleneck. Type-casting?

Alan Dunn, the accordionist and vocalist from the Electric Bluebirds, was also in the cast as well as Julian Littman and the three of them helped make the musical parts of this musical more musical. Other cast members included Danny John-Jules (“Cat” from Red Dwarf) and George Irving (Holby City, Dangerfield and The Tudors).

1987 “C.H.A.P.S.”
at the Theatre Royal, Stratford (East) with the Hank Wangford Band. A show which, apart from pantomimes, still holds the house record. The previous record was held by “Oh! What a Lovely War”

Bobby was accidentally “shot” during the show and of his totally over the top death scene, he remarked -”This wasn’t the first time I’d died on stage”.

The song “No Smoke Without Fire” was written by Bobby and Hank for the musical but failed to make the soundtrack album. See Gallery Page

1993 “Who killed St Valentine” An Emergency Exit Arts production set and performed on a Thames pleasure cruiser on the river. Bobby sang and led the band. See Gallery page


1999 “RKO281” (U.S. title; “The Battle over Citizen Kane”). Starring: Liev Schreiber; John Malkovitch; Melanie Griffiths, and James Cromwell. Directed by; Benjamin Ross. Bobby Played Clark Gable.

The film is about the making of “Citizen Kane”, directed by and staring Orson Wells, and the meaning of “Rosebud” (watch the film and use your imagination). Bobby even takes part in a scene with the 4 stars around a banqueting table that is supposedly in 1930s San Simian, Randolf Hurst’s Californian mansion, but was actually filmed in the Guildhall in the City of London – a much classier venue.

2001 “Bright Young Things” Directed by Stephen Fry. Bobby played a singer in a café singing “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square”.

There is a sneaking suspicion that BV was only cast in the rôle because his sister, Anne Dudley, was responsible for the music in the film.

2004 “Alfie” Starring: Jude Law. Directed by: Charles Shyer. Again Bobby played a singer, this time in a nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

A truly dreadful film.

TV Commercials

There are too many to mention them all. But Bobby has had Atlanta “burnt” behind him twice alla “Gone with The Wind”: once in Spain for an advertisement for cameras and once in Germany. A very successful one was for Fresh and Low (skimmed milk) in Scotland and the North of England. Click here to view

He can be seen miming cello, and gently leering, in the 2007 Marks & Spencer Christmas TV commercial. Click here to view

One of Bobby’s favourite reminiscences is a fabulous moment during the casting of a TV ad for Colgate Toothpaste. He had already been cast and was asked if he would help in choosing the young woman he was to kiss during the commercial. About 11 o’clock one morning he arrived at a casting-suite in Soho and about a dozen of the most beautiful of London’s young actresses and models were waiting, including the likes of Sarah Stockbridge, who had appeared with him in the Fresh and Low commercial. In a room, darkened and made to look like a cinema, with the director and producers looking on, the young ladies were bought in one by one and asked to kiss Bobby; that was the only instruction. None of them were chosen for the ad, perhaps the director was just having fun – Bobby certainly was.

One amusing point worth mentioning is that in many of the commercials Bobby is seen kissing a young lady, often taking the part of Scarlet O’Hara. On more than one occasion, his wife, who works in post-production in Soho, has been confronted by the image in an edit suite…. We can only imagine what a strange situation this creates at home!