Bobby Valentino

The singer songwriter

Bobby has released 3 solo albums, a few singles and a 10” vinyl EP.

“You’re In The Groove, Jackson
” was recorded through the mid to late ‘90s and was released in the UK by Big Life Records. The critics loved it and the first single, “The Man Who Invented Jazz” received so much radio play that many people thought it was a hit. (Click here to read the reviews.)
Unfortunately, the company distributing Big Life’s records, Rough Trade, went bankrupt the week the CD and LP were released. This meant it never reached the shops although there was a demand; instead thousands of copies were sitting in sealed warehouses.

A second single, “No Smoke Without Fire”, was released when Big Life’s distribution problems had been ironed out, but by then the CD was last year’s record.

Many artists complain that their record company does not do enough to promote their records; this wasn’t the case with Big Life. At no time was Bobby disappointed with the promo: a video that was played many times; many TV shows; a tour; loads of radio play; etc. The only problem was distribution.

Bobby carried on writing and recording and in 1999 he was signed by the Texan label, Vireo Records. They released a CD of the new recordings, along with some of the tracks from “You’re In The Groove Jackson”, under the title “You’re Telling Me” (Click here to read a review).To promote this CD Bobby played at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Tx. and did short tours of both Texas and California. Again, the reviews and radio-play were glowing and significant, but Vireo did not have nationwide distribution so nearly all the sales occurred in Texas and California . (Click here to see the promotional poster.)

Another mix of tracks, plus a number of new ones, was released in 2004 for the Japanese market under the title “This Is Murder” on EM Records. This time, with proper distribution, it did well. (See Bobby’s sleeve notes for the Japanese CD)

In Japan, as a promotional tool, EM Records also released a 4 track 10” vinyl EP entitled “Sweet Temptation”. This is packaged as if a 1930’s 78 rpm shellac disc with a hole in the middle of the decorative cardboard cover so the name on the label can be read. The label in the centre even states that the record was “Electronically Recorded” – the artwork is to die for. Click here to see it.

Bobby has a 4th album due for release in July 2011 under the title
“Pat-a-Cake, Pat a-Cake
”. Read about it here.

Bobby is currently writing and recording a 5th album of new songs with a working title of “6ft 3in”.

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Bobby Valentino Album and Single Covers
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You're In The Groove Jackson

No Smoke Without Fire - UK Single

Private Lives

Sweet Temptation - 4 Track 10" Vinyl EP

The Man Who Invented Jazz

This Is Murder

You're Telling Me